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Day-ahead is mainly an operational tool and an integral part of the day-ahead gas purchase and nomination process done daily by the market participants.

The trade is transacted a day before (D-1) and the gas is supplied on the next day. There is a trading window from 15:00-16:00 daily before the end of nomination to INGL (17:00).

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This product has the same functionality as the Day-Ahead product. Only a limited number of personnel from the companies is available during weekends and Jewish holidays. As such, EMEX offers a special Day-Ahead option. The trade is made on the day before the weekend or Jewish holiday and the gas is delivered during the subsequent weekend or Jewish holiday. There is a trading window from 15:00-16:00 .

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Within-Day is a pure balancing tool that enables market participants to manage their fluctuations of supply and demand within the delivery day and keeps the system balanced. Any transaction would change the initial nomination for the current gas day (06:00 - 06:00). There is one trading window per day, between 17:00-18:00.

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Week–Ahead is a financial optimization product that enables market participants to make commercial decisions on to how to run their facilities and power plants and manage gas assets.

Week–Ahead can help diversify the duration of the gas procurement portfolios and might help the market participants manage their gas positions and obligations: prices, long/short,  T-O-P obligations.

This product has the same functionality as Week-Ahead Weekdays, but for weekends. There is a weekly trading window on Wednesday, from 14:00-15:00, while the gas delivery will start on the following week for 2 days, Friday and Saturday, with equal volumes per day.

Circle onlky.png
Circle onlky.png
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