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Walking Under Gas Pipes


The creation of a regional hub is a key element for implementing renewable energies through energy trading and energy exchanges.
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Vision & Mission


Create a trading platform for the liberalized gas and power markets in the East Mediterranean region, and through it, contributing to social welfare and efforts for regional peace.


Become the preferred commodity trading platform for gas and power and related services in the East Mediterranean region.

During the first stage of implementation, gas spot trading will be introduced, and financial products and power trading will be launched at a late stage once the market matures.


East Med. Energy Exchange (East Mediterranean Energy Exchange, EMEX), is a joint venture between the European Energy Exchange (EEX) (part of Deutsche Börse Group) and private entrepreneurs from the energy sector. EMEX is headquartered in Tel-Aviv and registered in Israel.

EMEX is part of the Gas Advisory Industry committee of East Med Gas Forum

The Chief Scientist’s Office, Ministry of Energy supports the project.

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